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Q: On what kind of door can I install the Valet?
A: The Valet can be installed on any solid-wood or metal commercial door fitted with hydraulic door closers.

Q: My door is hard to open with the hand. Will I be able to open it with my foot?
A: The door resistance is set by the door closer. A simple adjustment will do the trick.

Q: Is the Valet strongly made?
A: The Valet is made of die-cast aluminum. It is very impact resistant.

Q: Will I ruin my shoes using the Valet?
A: No. The Valet’s finish was designed to avoid damaging shoes. In addition, a rubber band was added to the inside for maximum protection.

Q: Is the Valet environment friendly?
A: Yes. The Valet is made of 95% recycled material.

Q: Can I install the Valet myself?
A: Yes. An installation template is included. With the right tools, you’ll need less than 5 minutes.

Q: Can I use the Valet on other than bathroom doors?
A: Of course. The Valet can be installed wherever you see fit.

Q: Can I install a Valet on an exterior door?
A: Yes. It is made of aluminum, and therefore will not rust.

Q: What is included with the purchase of a Valet?
A: The Valet, installation template, screws and a door sticker to let people know about the device.

Q: Where is the Valet made?
A: The Valet is proudly made in Canada.


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